What was revealed to me by The Lord has now come to pass.

Source; South China Morning Post

Zha Daojiong

Published: 7:00pm, 29 Aug, 2020

Weaponising China’s export of medicines is wrong, immoral and should be denounced

High-profile economist Li Daokui said that Beijing could restrict drug exports to the US if the Trump administration was to cut China’s access to semiconductors.

Washington has been ratcheting up attacks on Chinese tech firms, including starving Huawei of components made by American companies.


Excerpted from my third book, 

“Escaping the Ultimate Deception-Counterfeit through BIBLE CODE 7”

(Page 119)

American exceptionalism has now become sodomy and murder of the unborn from the womb.

America has picked a fight with the living God, and we all know who will win. Look at the great amount of drug abuse, murders, homelessness, anxiety-depression, medicated children-adults across the nation, is this Karma-payback? The result of kicking Jesus off the USA bus?

Russia is not the USA’s greatest enemy, but China is. Yes China, the nation that persecutes, kills the Christians and burn their churches. Russia is not reported to be burning any Christian churches but building them, and are certainly not allowing the gay groups free and unlimited access in their government, schools and society.

Let me say this, China has a population of 1.419 billion people comprised of predominantly men, compared to the USA of approximately 324 million people. The American population can be dropped into China 4 times and still not fill up China. This is the real adversary of America. So for the media to point to Russia and blame Russia as a scapegoat is deception.

Raw corporate greed has sent many factories to China from America so as not to pay a good wage to the American workers, now so many factories are in China and so many essential goods are made there (80% of all generic medicines) that China holds a very large sword over the USA. China is a nation consisting of the assembly of the wicked, Chinese Communist Party. Human lives have little or no worth or value in China, however what has true value is their driving ideology or god of communism.

China has what is called the, “One belt, one road initiative”

It is a master strategy of deceiving the world into believing that they come in peace through trade, as friends and helpers. Remember that with 1.419 billion people they can export millions of their own people all over the world and in a few years conquer the world through population demographics, commercial, and trade explosion. Their agenda is to win by peace-trade, not war or dictatorial heavy handedness like the other previous and current world colonial powers, Britain, France, USA. “Partner with us”, is the outward agenda. This strategy has not yet reached critical mass but is developing rapidly, even though it does not occupy center stage on the news cycle. The hidden agenda is this;

Psalm 55:21

21 The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords.

Look what God’s Word says about this, as China lends money here there and everywhere to many small nations. These poor nations end up in financial servitude to China, as China’s money has a demonic dragon like spiritual strings attached to it. It’s the source of the money, the vault from which it comes that makes the difference, all money is not just money, but has some spiritual tentacles attached to it. Satan himself is attached to China’s money. China has world conquest on it’s mind through trade, the “One Belt, One Road Initiative”.

Now let’s listen to God and not foolish men;

Proverbs 22:7

7 The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.

Currently America as well as many other nations are servants or slaves to China, this statement might not go down too well against the arrogance, haughtiness and pride of proud Americans to hear this, but be silent, don’t become emotional, swallow your pride and listen to God’s Word and reason with Him, not me. This is it, take it or leave it, don’t argue with the Almighty.

The trade standoff with China is not a boxing match with two heavyweight contenders, but a fight for resources and control of turf. It took over 200 years for the USA to get where it is today, up and coming China made it in 30-50 years and is rivaling-surpassing the USA in many areas in science, technology, computers, transportation, manufacturing and many other areas. Just remember that oil and technology are the key drivers and who controls the bulk of oil reserves along with tech-dominance is the winner, this is where the main standoff is. China manufactures a vast array of important and vital parts, spares, rare minerals for the American market that are no longer made or mined here in the USA or anywhere else in the world, if China decides to put a halt to ALL exports of what is manufactured in their country from coming to the USA, or clampdown on all the factories of USA corporations operating in China, there will be a sudden major economic catastrophe in the USA.

Consider also the fact that China can dump all or a large part of its treasury holdings (US dollar IOU’s) on the open market and that would crash the value of the US dollar in one hour. (Coming Reset?).

China is the world’s largest exporter-importer, not USA, with multi-billions of dollars in trading internationally.

China can demand that no more US dollars be used in trading, but gold for trading or use of their own currency exclusively. China exports only 18% of all its exports to the USA, so the USA even cutting off all imports from China only hurts the USA, not so much China.

Could this trade war talks going on now between China and USA be a distraction for something more sinister? Could all these sanctions be the forerunner of hemispheric trading blocs or alliances? US influence and hemisphere would be North and South American continents, not the whole world or global influence as it is now.

Lastly, could the coming WW3 be an economic war because of all these trade wars as in the past, a sanctions war, if we can’t have it, you can’t either? (Remember Cain and Abel.)

America needs repentance and Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

The winds of war are blowing, not just a trade war but a horrible bloody WW3. is brewing in a sinister atmosphere of mistrust.