By: Dr. Norman DaCosta
Message given by God for the nation: America
July 26, 2018

America… OH America just take a good look around you.

Can you see the many warning signs that something has gone seriously WRONG in our nation?

America, there is record breaking violent weather events across our nation, death in our streets and safe places like schools, workplaces and in our homes.
America can you discern the evil and malicious spirit in the rhetoric and behavior of our social leaders, commentators and purveyors of information.

Erratic weather, solar and lunar eclipses are God’s warning signs to all mankind.
The acts of God are not and must not be attributed to climate change, but they are ACTS OF GOD not man made random events, for He is in control!
God said that He would show us signs in the heavens above and in the earth beneath.

America our streets have become blood spattered killing grounds, road rage and drive by gunshots are ringing out and bullets are flying randomly, innocent adults and children are falling dead, wounded and crippled as victims to this satanic agenda.

Young black men are murdering young black men at record levels, racial venom is being spewed constantly pitting one race against another, nation rising up against nation, race against race. Democrats against Republicans, conservatives against liberals. Push is coming to shove.

Deadly, brutal and excessive force is being used upon the citizens of America by the authorities, whose salaries and benefits are being paid by these same citizens they are sworn to protect and serve. These citizens of all races are becoming the recipients of hostile and excessive force used against them. The citizens are quickly becoming the servants and the authorities are becoming the masters.

America wake up, opioids and other powerfully addictive and mind-blowing drugs are devastating the minds and bodies of our most precious assets our young men and women of all races, our very future, all across our nation. The lives of many of our children are being cut short as thousands are being cut down and wasted because of the scourge of these deadly potent drugs. Those who do not die, their brains have been fried and they are left in a vegetative state for a lifetime of institutional care.

America, we are raising a generation of young men and women who have repelled faith in an unseen God, Jesus Christ, whom their parents and grandparents have called upon, worshipped and served and were blessed and prospered by His mighty hands.

America, the devil does not discriminate between blacks and whites, Latinos and Asians, he is an equal opportunity devil whose resumé declares three things only, robbing, killing and destruction. So, don’t allow racial or ethnic differences to divide us, but let us unite in prayer against our common enemy the devil.

America oh America, our little children are now in the crosshairs of the evil and wicked one, whose agenda is to destroy them and rip them from the loving arms of their parents and grandparents.

America wake up and see…that child suicide is becoming epidemic, the disgusting and abhorrent act of child molestations rampant, and the heinous crime of sexual trafficking of little children is becoming commonplace.

America our schools, workplaces and highways have become killing fields of mass murders, revenge killings and road rage. All these evils have come upon us and become commonplace. Why has all this evil befallen us? Anything that happens with great frequency becomes commonplace and eventually acceptable. We become desensitized to it.

Wake up America, look carefully at our big cities, what they have become, a cesspool of crime, filth, homelessness and decay. The city leaders are baffled because Jesus has been kicked out of their lives, meetings and events.
The Name of Jesus is despised by them and look what these cities have become, a waste heap without Jesus. They are desperately seeking answers and looking for solutions, but the devil has blinded their minds to Jesus who is the only answer and solution of hope.

America our entertainment of all types, our music, our video games, communications and media outlets have become disgustingly corrupt and riddled with misinformation, disinformation, immortality and demonic utterances. The devil is in the details.

America our very leaders local and national are descending rapidly down the slippery slope into the sewer of insanity, wickedness and great evil and they are leading the nation and the great people of our nation into their wicked and evil ways.

America, if a blinded people follow blind leaders, we will all end up in the ditch.
Thank God not all of America is deceived, not all America is blind, there is a people desperately crying out to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith for His mercy and grace upon America. Please praying people, I beg of you, do not come down from your watchman’s position on the wall, please keep on calling to Jesus for His Mercy and Grace upon America!

Wolves run in packs and we can plainly see that our business and elected leaders with a pack mentality have set their hearts to devour the poor, homeless and needy by legislations enacted, by standard corporate practices and behavior, and by the power that they wield and exert, the stranglehold and rule of the rich and powerful over the poor.

America, slavery is over by an enactment of signature on paper, but is it really?
How many other types of slavery have you enacted America?

America you have 2% of the world’s population and 25% of all the prisoners of the whole world are in your prisons, WHY?

Is slavery really over in America?
Or has it just taken another color or form like a chameleon?

The mentality America is adopting is that the crime of the poor is their poverty, being poor, and that they are easy pickings for predatory corporations and individuals to keep them enslaved, but woe unto them that harass and oppress the poor and needy. God is listening to their distress cry and the hammer of God’s justice and judgement is about to come down upon you!

America, the sword of God’s judgement is upon our leaders national and local, our nation’s capital and our local cities, our policies and procedures. Those calling evil good and good evil will begin to feel the wrath of Almighty God. A distressing wind is beginning to blow. The sword of judgement is upon our waters, horrible droughts are coming to America.

America, God is drying up your waters, rivers and lakes. When this happens and it will, know that it is the judgement of Almighty God and only national repentance and turning back to Jesus will cause God to send the rains again!

America, we have ceased to be the United States of America and have become the Divided states of America.

America, in God’s Holy Book, He clearly states that a house divided against itself cannot and will not stand. Our leaders and Media has so divided us to the point that we are at imminent war one with another and the collapse of our great nation is imminent! The spirit of civil war is here in America, what has happened in America in the past just may repeat itself, CIVIL WAR, if we allow it.

America let me boldly declare and make it abundantly clear that God is not a Democrat, God is not a Republican, neither libertarian or independent, GOD IS GOD, and neither party has a lockdown upon God. God is for all people, and of all nations that will call unto Him in repentance of sins and who will worship and serve Him in Jesus Name. God is not in conformity to the laws of men, no matter how many or how rich and powerful those men are that made those laws, but to His sovereign Word only, found in the BIBLE.

His Word is truth, all else is a lie.

To the rich and powerful, the high and the mighty, billionaires and millionaires, men and women, LISTEN CAREFULLY; “HUMBLE yourself before God Almighty before it is too late or He will SURELY HUMBLE you!”

We are seeing demonstrated before our very eyes that the heart of many of our church and civic leaders are deceitful and desperately wicked and who can tell the future wickedness that lurks within their evil dark hearts.

Woe, woe, woe to you leaders in America, church or civic leaders, that call evil good and call good evil, that sell out God’s word to enact your words and agenda.
Woe to you leaders that write laws, legislation to harass the poor and the needy, the impoverished and downtrodden.

Woe to you leaders that make laws that forbids a Good Samaritan act of feeding the homeless and hungry and helping those on the fringes of our society.

Woe to you leaders that write deceitful laws and ordinances to extract money from the citizens that placed you in your position and pay your salaries and benefits.

Woe to you leaders that harass and oppress the poor and working people by petty laws and procedures that extract money out of them to the point that you dig a pit for them that they will never get out of.

Be it known that you are wicked and evil and (KARMA) the judgement of the all-seeing and all-knowing God is coming to you and your household it is surely coming to you and will not be averted. It might be delayed but will not be denied.
“Be not deceived for God will not be mocked, whatsoever you sow you will surely reap.”

Darkness is covering America and gross darkness is covering the people of America.

Heinous crimes and acts of malicious evil and wickedness are being perpetrated upon the most defenseless of our population. Our little children are targeted from the womb by abortion, and the sexual abuse of their little bodies.

Marriages and family has been redefined against the Bible model God gave us, to become a do as you will man made and man designed model. Marriages, a pillar of our nation is crumbling and the family unit is being destroyed.


America, understand that we can turn it around by repentance of our sins and rebelliousness against God, exhibiting Godly sorrow and revival of Godly service and practices to Jesus Christ. We can call upon the name of the Lord once more, He will hear us and forgive us all sins and trespasses.

America do you know who you are?
You are one of the only two nations on earth that have made a covenant with the Almighty God. The nation of Israel in biblical times, and in the Mayflower compact, America did! America you had special status with God, but sin has now separated you from God!

America you have sent missionaries across the nations of the world to bring the light of the glorious gospel to those in darkness. You have fed many hungry, needy and helpless people all across the nations of the world. You have come to the rescue of many downtrodden nations under wicked dictatorial rule.

America you have been a source of encouragement inspiration and hope to millions of people across the globe to the extent that millions desire to come to America above all nations of the earth.

America you were a shining light, a beacon of hope to all people of the earth.
But now America, you are losing your luster, your shining light.

America Oh America WAKE up, for you are becoming a star without light, a star without light shines forth the blackness of darkness,

America your bellies are full but you are still hungry, you are impeccably well dressed but naked, you say I am rich and have need of nothing, but you are destitute, poor impoverished and in need of Jesus. Be it known America, that acts of wickedness and gross immortality, evil and not good, are the things that God hates and despises, those things are abominations that leads Him to render judgement and destroy nations.

America, Napoleon burned all bridges behind his troops as he advanced to a place called BEREZINA in Russia to make war. Napoleon determined that he had reached a point of no return, no retreat, no turning back, forward ever backward never. So, we must burn the bridges of all sin and unrighteousness behind us and go forward in repentance, boldness, confidence and courage to the great future and destiny that God himself has set before us as Americans.

America you must burn sin and unrighteousness behind you and never turn back to it. Just as the dog returns to its vomit and the pigs to the mud because of its innate nature, so must our innate nature be changed by the blood of Jesus Christ so we will never return to the sinful devil’s agenda. The cross must be before you and the world behind you, no turning back… no turning back America!

America we must put aside our differences and come together as Americans recognizing that Jesus Christ alone is the glue, the cement that can keep us together. We must follow holiness and righteousness without which, no man shall see God.

In the spiritual dimensions are dark forces of evil that seeks the destruction of this great nation, but by the power of HIS MIGHTY NAME JESUS CHRIST, by the power of HIS BLOOD we shall overcome.