Let Us Believers Intercede Earnestly

December 4; 6:32 am

I awoke from an astounding vision of an attempted assassination of President Trump that was averted by prayer.
God revealed President Trumps character to me as a, “Humble man”.

The vision started with me driving President Trump. He was wearing a blue suit and a red tie sitting in the back seat of an old Dodge Valiant car from the eighties, with me being the chauffeur. I did not know where I was going as I didn’t know the D.C. area.
As I was driving, I saw a continuous crowd of people on my left and further down about a hundred feet I saw some people that had gathered on the right side. As I approached the people on the right side, I saw a man with a 38 snub nosed revolver in his right hand. I was very frightened and began to yell, “he has a gun, let’s pray everybody, I then began to pray in tongues, amazingly the people on my left began to pray in tongues also and as we prayed earnestly, the gun in the man’s hand became a piece of photographic equipment that looked like a tripod.

The earnest prayers that were prayed, changed the weapon into something harmless. I then explained to the President that we were speaking in a heavenly language interceding with God for his protection.
I then drove past that crowd to another area where many African Americans were, and as I approached them I stopped and the President proceeded to get out of the car and started to shake many hands in the crowd, as he shook hands, I started to shout, “ this is a humble man you can trust him, this is a humble man you can trust him.”
Them immediately I awoke from the vision. So profound was the vision that My body felt as if it was transported from Washington back to my bed where I was laying.

I know that God is calling all His saints to earnestly intercede for President Trump because the vision reveals that there is an attempted assassination in the works, but as we intercede, God will upset the plans of the wicked and expose it (photographic, media equipment).
I believe that God revealed to me what is about to transpire as we pray.
Every Christian is called to love all sinners, but hate the sinful ways. (John 3:16, I was an atheist before my salvation) Our President must be loved and prayed for by all believers, even though we might not like his policies, verbal declarations or behavior. (Bull in a china shop).
Many African Americans have been told to hate and diss President Trump, but God has revealed a reaching out by the President to this people group of our nation which I believe will earnestly begin as the vision reveals.
Then finally as I shouted in the vision that this is a humble man that we can trust, first let me say that I am not a fan of the President but a respecter of the President and the office he holds, and I constantly pray for God to turn his heart to do His will. I believe that the Holy Spirit was revealing the inner man or nature of Donald Trump in this vision, one of humility. This is KEY to God’s blessings, for “God resists the proud, and sees them from afar off, but He gives favor to the humble.”

President Trump is God’s man for this season and he has the favor of God upon his life.”
Let us believers intercede earnestly for him.