If I were satan….

satans’s resume’ outlines Robbing, Killing and Destruction as his only work, work ethic and experience. Satan’s first job, is to deceive the world as to his existence and how he operates. (Devices).

Satan says…..

First, I will spread the news that only uneducated and or low educated people believe I exist. So, among the more educated, wealthy and prominent people, (Many of whom are my servants who have sold their souls to me) they will declare, “there is no one called satan, no devil, no demons or demonic activities, it’s only a figment of your imagination”

If you don’t believe in demons, devils and such stuff, “hocus pocus”, it can’t harm you, and only ignorant and unlearned people believe such stuff and their own ignorant beliefs will either harm them or help them.

Among the churches and the churchgoers, I will not only sit among them, but also on the top levels or hierarchy of their churches, (on the mountain of the congregation, (Is. 14-13). Because I vowed that I will be like God. I will corrupt, pervert and destroy overseers, archbishops, bishops, evangelists, teachers, pastors and worship leaders as well as the believers in Him. I will pervert the top leaders and they in turn will teach perversion to the people below them.

I will use my favorite tool, music and songs to lead the masses away from Him and to me by corrupting and perverting the Christian singers, songwriters,  musicians and worship leaders ( remember I am at the top of the congregations) my spirit will flow down from them and contaminate almost all the hearers and before you know it, they will be doing my works and commands to sin and don’t even know why. I will make them love the music, the beat and the singing rather than loving Him and the reading of His Words, oh I can’t have that! (A little secret, remember when, “J” (I can’t call His Name) answered my temptations with, “It is written”?) Well, I will not TOLERATE that anymore. Did you hear me? No more “It is written, NO WORD, I will NOT have it!

My job is to have them do everything else, but no, “It is written”, NO WORD, that’s a NO NO, end of story.

I will bring confusion to the masses of churchgoers and confuse them so they always remain churchgoers and not be converted to, you know who, I can’t say His Name, “J”. My job is to keep all people from Him and believing, trusting, worshipping and serving Him.

I will cause confusion and chaos in the churches as to doctrines, customs and traditions and have them teach customs and traditions as doctrines.You see my job is to keep them from reading and understanding the Words from that BOOK, you know that book with Words from Him above. I will keep them from reading that BOOK themselves and understanding it. I will have them to parrot my spokesmen in saying all what I told them to say, so non-biblical heresies and blasphemies will become commonplace among the churches and I will deceive them to believe it. (I will make them hate to read that BOOK, every time they want to read it, I will make them fall asleep, ha ha ha, ain’t I bad?

I will have the bishops give the people ten percent of that book and ninety percent of other stuff in their sermons to make the Christians biblically illiterate and keep them happy clappy. They will only have a little “J”, seasoning, and not have Him or His Word in His fullness, NO I can’t have that! I will have the bishops talk about God and Christ but never that name that strikes terror in my heart and make me tremble, that Name

“J”, no sir never that Name, for I am afraid of THAT NAME, please don’t say it!

I will get bible scholars and revisers to revise and change His Words and add and subtract to His Words in that BOOK to make those Christians confused, just like I confused Eve in the garden, as I added one little word to His Word, He said, “you shall surely die”, and I said to Sister Eve “You shall NOT surely die”. to deceive Her. It worked perfect then, and it always work like a charm. You see, in Daniel 3;25, I had them change the words, “Son of God”, to, “a son of the gods”. (Don’t believe me, check out KJV vs. revised bibles. Ain’t I bad? That was my first change in the BOOK and I have many more in the revised Bibles.) Tell you more later!

I will get so called Christians pasted to the Internet, the social media community will become their new community church of likes and dislikes, I will make them like what I like and dislike what I dislike. I will have them pass around the Internet, songs, glib sayings, stories of people and things to make them go, ooh and aah, but never have them study that BOOK for themselves, NO I can’t have that. I will make them feel good and important about themselves passing stuff around on the Internet, but being strong and built up on His words— absolutely NO way! Never.

I will make them stop going to those churches that open the Bible and always be reading from it and talking about it, and go to the big churches with plenty entertainment, loud songs, dance, skits, jokes, aerialists and all manner of things but keep them away from that BOOK and that Name “J”.

I will bring about denominational wars and fighting, have Christians fight among themselves, (the old divide and conquer trick) and they will not even see me coming into their lives, families and churches until I begin to viciously devour them. You see, I go for the kill shots. See I know how to keep them BUSY doing everything else, but no watching and prayer and continuing in the Word as “J” said to them.

I will take over all media, movies, CDs, DVDs, the Internet to rule my vast domain, the world. Remember I said I will rise above “the clouds” and become like God.

Well I will accomplish that through the use of cloud computing and cloud technology using satellites to cover the whole world, (that’s why it’s called the worldwide web, ha ha, they are caught in my web of lies and deceits) I-will rule and control the whole world.

I will have facial recognition cameras everywhere and a microchip in everyone so I will know who you are and where you are at all times. I will come up with artificial intelligence where I marry you to a computer chip in your brains or right hand so I can control you. You will worship me when I give the order to do so. You will be my ZOMBIE. All those who refuse my chip, my mark will not be able to buy or sell. No food for you or your starving children. You will take my chip and worship me and not Him. With my chip in you, in the end your soul will belong to me in my pad, my house ( ahem, my house, it’s not too bad, just a little hot, you know, fire, no a/c, but it’s not that bad, all my rich favorite singers, actors and many wealthy people that have served me, their souls are here with me having an everlasting big tent PARTY) They are with me now forever and not Him. Ha ha ha, and in conclusion, please do NOT ever talk about the BLOOD and CROSS of “J”, neither the lake of FIRE and BRIMSTONE where the ONE above will cast me and mine, promise? Thank you!

(I have a lot more to tell you, but next time.)

So how does one overcome the deceits and works of this wicked one?

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You can leave the HOOD of victim-hood and enter the

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