Amos 3-7“Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

The Lord has revealed to me in a vision this morning of 10/10/2018

I Had a vision of my car always overheating as I was driving on the road. It had the coolant topped off but when I was on the road driving, it was always overheating. I came to a gas station, with a very friendly staff to fill up with water to solve the overheating problem, but the coolant level was again OK. As I was at the gas station, I looked and I saw a gas tanker coming in to drop a load of gasoline but the gas tanker had to drive into a deep dip in the road to come to the spot where he drops the fuel. At the gas station there was activities with not many people but a good amount of people buying soda and snacks etc.

My car kept on overheating at the gas station, and as I looked around this time I saw a huge line inside the gas station, people were standing in line and buying soda and chips etc. and the line continued outside of the gas station, people waiting to pay the cashier and get gasoline.

Then I heard the manager speak over the PA system saying something that I cannot remember, after which he began to call numbers1,2,3,..5. He left out the number four in calling the numbers and I instantly asked why did he not say four? At this point I awoke from the vision.

Gas supply tanker going over a deep dip in the road means a deep dip in gasoline and fuel supplies coming. Gas shortage means long gas lines and a jump in prices. Manager called the numbers 1,2,3,…5 means that at four dollars a gallon it will make a dramatic jump to $5per gallon. My car overheating even though it had coolant at a gas station means that it’s the GAS prices that will be overheating…going much higher very quickly. Shortages are coming, with higher prices and long lines. If prices went up only, the lines would not be long.


Russia and Iran, two major oil producers have been sanctioned aggressively by the USA, with more stiffer sanctions coming on November fourth.

Venezuelan oil production has been in a deep dive, major drop in their oil and gas production.

Huge demand for oil to fuel growing economies is occurring now.

US, China, Turkey, Russian tariffs war will increase tensions and supply problems.

Higher gas prices= higher, food and commodity prices…inflation.

Higher gas prices = economic distress for those on the fringes

Higher gas prices= higher all-around costs.

Higher gas prices= cooling of the economic recovery

We can begin to prepare for even greater disturbances as a fallout of this.

Be Prepared!

Long gas lines and high prices are coming soon. Get rid of every excess debt, expenses, things you don’t need, everything that will cost you money as things and times become more challenging. Do as the Apostle Paul said, “Stay in the ship”, toss out everything to lighten it and keep it afloat, but stay in the ship. (Acts 27:31)