Satan Weaponizes these Deceptions, so be Warned

It is an arithmetic certainty that satan will attempt to use his weapon of deceit-counterfeit upon every person on planet earth and especially the believers in Jesus Christ. As sure as 1+1=2, satanic arithmetic says you will be tested in the University of Tribulations and Adversity in his attempt to deceive you. Why? Because you are made in the image and likeness of God, and satan hates God, so he hates all mankind that includes you too. Even Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil, asked to make stone into bread to prove Himself as the Son of God. Jesus’s self-identity was tested here for the asking of satan, and yours will be also. All God’s champions have graduated this University, you will too.


Recognition of the operational methods of satan is a must for everyone to be able to avoid being caught in his web of deception. Satan weaponizes these emotions of reproach, shame, scorn, ridicule to entrap his helpless victims. Low self-esteem, shame as well as pride is deception to the maximum.

Panic, pandemonium, horror and dread are just some of the emotional responses that are satan’s buttons to be pushed to get a response that he desires from your emotional domain. Satan is determined that people should act out of emotions and not logic and reason and will not stop at anything to bring this about.

The relentless onslaught of the wicked one is to be met and can only be met by the relentless strike of the Word of God, BIBLE CODE7. The relentless, constant strike of BIBLE CODE 7, will make one to become spiritually un-movable, un-shakable, un-touchable, un-stoppable futurists who are valiant for truth in the land. We are not reprobate silver, silver that is not fully refined in the fire. 


From Escaping the Ultimate Deception-Counterfeit through BIBLE CODE 7