Globalists Vs. U.S. Patriots


In what I am about to reveal, nothing political is intended on my part as I am an independent thinker, however as I have revealed in my third and fourth books, the visions that The Lord has shown me regarding U.S. President Donald Trump. Without going over the visions in full, I will reveal again that he will be valiant and dodge all attempts upon his life and his presidency. President Trump will be saved by Jesus Christ in office, as in the vision that I saw, I proclaimed twice, “This is an honest man you can trust him, this is an honest man you can trust him”, this was said after the Dodge Valiant car I was driving him in approached a large group of African American people, he jumped out and waded into the crowd shaking hands with everyone. This vision tells me President Trump will be put in office by a massive African American vote in his favor in the 2020 election.

President Trump is certainly not an honest man as of this writing July 2020, but will become an honest man after his Damascus Road encounter with Jesus Christ. Just like Apostle Paul who encountered Jesus and was mightily used of God, so will President Trump become a great tool in The Lord’s hand. God will use him mightily to lead the USA back to Himself so He can extend mercy upon it for a short season.

President Trump himself and his policies presents a stumbling block to the AGENDA 21, the new world order, globalists and one world government proponents. President Trump is being resisted at every turn as I saw in the second vision of him. He is being coerced, blackmailed, threatened to fall in line to this agenda, and sad to say also as seen in the vision, an attempt will be made upon his life but it will not be successful. Almost all of his chosen inner circle people, someone very close to him have viciously turned on him and betrayed him like Judas betrayed Jesus. At this point in time there are very few people that he can trust in his inner circle, and he needs desperately some confidential, trustworthy people and advisors. The advice he now receives are from bad actors, ungodly, wicked advisors who have backed him into a corner where he is now in a war zone. This unconventional war is against entrenched bureaucrats who oppose his every move and order and are trying to wait him out, hoping he will not be re-elected. The deck has been stacked against him and only a second term can bring him to overcome this battle. The key weakness of President Trump is the selecting of bad ungodly advisors and key personnel, intelligent but fools, having no wisdom.

President Trump is a great U.S. Patriot, he is not a new world order, one world government globalist, nor is he globalist minded, but one who dearly loves his country. However, I do not believe he is a born again Christian. The USA has many great patriots, those who love the USA, but many are not Jesus believing Christians. I do not judge President Trump, but I inspect the fruit of his declared salvation which is not evident in his life and presidency by the actions we have seen, heard, by words and deeds, again however, he will be saved and when he is saved, he will become an honest man we can truly trust, just like all truly born again believers and our revered Apostle Paul. In this regard, please pray for him, as you would pray for any other soul, that he will surrender to Jesus so that Jesus can fully use him for His glory. President Trump will be abandoned and opposed by many of his own friends and political party. In my third book, I outlined when Jeffrey Epstein was arrested, The Lord spoke and said to me the word “blackmail” indicating to me that Jeffrey Epstein was a blackmailer. It came out in all media that he was blackmailing many influential and powerful leaders of the US, foreign Governments, as well as many wealthy influential people worldwide. Many unnamed politicians were caught up in the trap, and now being blackmailed secretly, many of these politicians will be threatened and will turn against President Trump. Mr. Trump was a friend of Epstein and might have some dirt come out about him also. Very interesting few months ahead of us. The ‘office’ of the U.S. Presidency has lost prestige and respect from the American people, the people of foreign countries are reasoning, that if you Americans don’t respect the office of your President, why should we respect him or the U.S. President’s office, or even your nation either? Respect and American influence have been badly bruised and battered worldwide. The American people have forgotten that when the USA sneezes, the world catches a cold and that if the USA is lost to the globalists, then the world will belong to the globalists to control and implement their new world order, one world government Agenda. This will then be satan’s time to reign on earth through the son of perdition. America must put up one last fight to fight against the globalist Agenda and domination. Agenda 21 must not be allowed to be the new world order, not right now anyway. America has long ago been infiltrated by traitorous leaders in very high positions, you can sniff them out now during this time of crisis by their policy moves and speech. These sellout globalist puppets are bought and paid for handsomely with large money. Mega billionaires, corporations with global leverage, the secret society satanists have positioned themselves and are sensing their moment now. Fast and pray for President Trump, CODE the scriptures for him and his administration, when you do, God will give a short reprieve for the Christians to get ready to find safe haven, hiding places overseas and away from the USA to protect them from a more intense tribulation time, this is a run to the hills moment. This is the revelation that God has given me.

Look for a furious violent civil warlike outpouring across the USA, along with wars and war skirmishes in a few overseas countries the USA will attack to cover up, draw attention away from the dirt and fallout that’s about to be revealed about these big fishes, it’s the dialectic at work. Again, the deadline for the new world Babylon Agenda must be kept, unless The Lord intervenes with His own AGENDA soon, which He will when we begin to declare His Words. God will dispatch angels to save His chosen and elect.


Excerpted from my upcoming book Agenda 2021……