Breaking the Limits on Your Life

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”

(Quote: Henry David Thoreau)

What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.


It’s 7 minutes to midnight, the hour is late, the time is short, a serious conversation is now vital between you and your inner self, your conscience, as you cry out, “Why is all this happening to me now?”. As in all warfare, truth becomes the first casualty, the first thing to die on the battlefield of warfare. On this battlefield of life, the first necessary force and vital firepower needed to win is TRUTH, – God’s Word is Truth. God’s everlasting Word must be weaponized, to be used to wage war as a mighty weapon, the eternal “sword of the spirit”. Jesus sternly told us that the first sign of the end times is, deception-lies, “see that you be not deceived”. The truth, God’s Word must never be allowed to die or even fade from our lives, our hearts and mouth. For out of the abundance of our hearts, our mouths must speak. The faith in our hearts must be released from our lips. The world we live in today has entered a time of dire political, economic and demonically driven chaos and destruction for which no one has the answer. We have entered a period of time where we must begin to live by faith in God and His Word as never before.


Now begin to declare to yourself, “There is no containment of my anger, and an all-out total war with everything that is holding me back from my desired success and destiny has now begun”.

Life must now be re-learned, re-invented if you will, after all those clichés, figures of speech and conditioned responses you have already learned and embedded in your mind, which was not of God. Those things which has been rooted in your mind over many years must now be uprooted and destroyed. These responses have become trained or conditioned responses taught to us by well-meaning people, cliché’s, figures of speech that we use, customs and traditions over a long period of time. Do you ever say occasionally, “If I had my life to live over, I would do this or that, or maybe you have said I regret not doing this or that in my life?”


You must now begin to live a life of no regrets, as you cannot go forward looking through the rear-view mirror of life. You are not able to go back in time to make corrections or change anything in the past. You must now press forward, onward and upward. Mrs. Lot looked back and became a pillar of salt, so don’t you dare look back. You are still alive and it’s not too late for a miraculous change, time is precious, so act now. Go ahead and pinch yourself, say “I am alive, and from now on I will pursue, and I will overtake, I will recover everything the devil has stolen from me through the Master Key Strategies of BIBLE CODE 7.”


There needs to now be a relearning of your behavioral responses, through your imaginations and thoughts, the Bible calls it a renewal;


From Master Key Strategies of Spiritual Warfare.