Excerpt from “The Hundredfold Through Bible Code 7”


Dr. Norman DaCosta’s New Book


“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation” (Philosopher Henry David Thoreau)
How powerful is this statement, it has inspired me forward in life always to fulfill my God given dreams, goals and aspirations. This philosophical statement taught me that: God has placed greatness in all people that desire to help someone on life’s journey, it’s called compassion, a good Samaritan or Jesus gift and that tells us:

  • First, that I am different from all people, I am unique and one of a kind.
  • Second, there will never be another me or anyone just like me.
  • Third, I have only one go round in life, one life to live, one opportunity to give and I must leave MY MARK or MY STAMP upon this world no matter how small it may be.

This book and the things I am doing for humanity is my stamp, my mark. I have waited on God for many years to give this mark and God, had given me something to give but those demons of diversion, distractions and procrastination squelched it.

Thoreau means by this statement that there is a tiger in every person’s tank locked up and desperately trying to burst out but those demons block and hinder the breakout of this great force for good in you. That desperation that results, leads many people to substance abuse, wild and reckless adventures like bungee jumping, parachuting, mountain climbing and many other thrill-seeking acts. In the masses of people, this desperation is just stifled, stifled, stifled. Is this desperation in you stifled by your job, being too busy, wife, husband, children, poverty, sicknesses, lack of money or any other force or circumstances in your life?